Imagine if we had an educational system that taught us:⁣

  • Communications skills⁣
  • Gratitude⁣
  • Self-love⁣
  • Meditation⁣
  • How to grow your own food⁣
  • Self control⁣
  • Money management⁣
  • Accountability⁣
  • Spirituality⁣
  • Appreciation⁣
  • Penultimately, self-sufficiency.⁣

⁣Instead, we are misguided away form such fundamental and crucial learnings which underpin the current model of life.⁣

The goal?⁣




Dogmatic mantras are barraged into our memory, reverberating the childhood teaching techniques of “repeat after me”.⁣

Questioning the system becomes forbidden. The truth is now irresponsible. Almost as if it hangs a sign on the front door saying ‘free thinkers are not welcome here’.⁣

Abide and obey. ⁣

Conventional education is now idolised – with some using such a system as a verbal dick extension.⁣

I am not telling you what to think.⁣

I am telling you to think.