Are We Really Fine?

Stop saying “we are fine”.⁣

Our health, happiness and environment has been rapidly declining.⁣

Yet I still hear those three words.⁣

Major depression at 1 in 2 is NOT FINE.⁣

Autism rates at 1 in 36 is NOT FINE.⁣

ADHD rates at 1 in 10 is NOT FINE.⁣

Diabetes rates at 1 in 4 is NOT FINE. ⁣

Allergies at a rate of 1 in 4 is NOT FINE.⁣

622,723 infants (0-5 years of age) within USA taking anti-depressants is NOT FINE.⁣

Autism rates within USA increasing 27-fold since 1987 is NOT FINE.⁣

45% Australians experiencing mental illness in their lifetime is NOT FINE. ⁣

1 Australian developing diabetes every 5 minutes is NOT FINE.⁣

Australians being more likely to die by suicide than skin cancer is NOT FINE. ⁣

Suicide being the leading cause of death for Australians aged 25-44 is NOT FINE.⁣

Cancer rates at 1 in 2 for males, and 1 in 3 for females is NOT FINE.⁣

Sperm count dropping by over 52% since 1970 is NOT FINE.⁣

1 in 3 males having infertile sperm is NOT FINE.