Programmed fear is running course throughout our blood, pumping with each heartbeat.

It reverberates between each breath.⁣

Fibrillating beneath the words of each conversation. ⁣

We have become intoxicated with falsified figures and the constant murmur of disparity.⁣

Throughout life, we are educated into submission.⁣

To bow down to the self-imposed badges.⁣

Lured deep into the forest by false idols hungry for under-the-table payouts.⁣

We have been domesticated into numbness.⁣

Alluded by the puppet show on the screen.⁣

Condescending name-calling has created intended segregation into minority groups, despite all being one.⁣

We are oppressed from using logic and thinking free, whilst being electronically muted from questioning the agenda.⁣

Our social distancing has become social acceptance – an affirmation that we are held captive by their narrative.⁣

We are locked up under the guise of lockdown.⁣

Muzzled by cloth and string for “our safety”.⁣

Our economic coma induced from our world misleaders.⁣

We have to question if these actions are disproportionate to the situation.⁣

We have to question what direction this is moving in.⁣

Lastly, we have to remember, that fear does not exist however danger does.⁣

Danger for our future.