If my posts scare you, you’re getting the wrong message.⁣

They should empower you.⁣

However, I do understand.⁣

This transparency.⁣

The cold bitter truth – it can be a hard pill to swallow.⁣

Amidst the panic.⁣

Clouded with misinformation.⁣

Hope can be lost.⁣

We become desperate.⁣

Desperate for a solution, an answer, a finish to this scarcity.⁣

As we scavenge together the last pieces in the jigsaw puzzle, the picture materialises and we become clear.⁣

We start to understand their narrative. ⁣

We start to disregard the installed fear.⁣

We start to transition from disbelief.⁣

We realise we are stronger than we are told.⁣

We realise that current world epidemics are not the same as we’re made to believe.⁣

This should ignite faith. ⁣

Faith that we can persevere.⁣

Faith that we don’t need radical intervention. ⁣

Faith that we can come together.⁣

Faith that we can change. ⁣