Cognitive Dissonance

As humans, we desire internal consistency of cognitive coherence.⁣

Our beliefs, thoughts and opinions match our attitude, actions and behaviour.⁣

Yet we live in a society that is so emotionally sensitive that we have to dilute the facts.⁣

Many prefer the quilt of comforting lies to the cold, unpleasant truth.⁣

The media and conventional systems have meticulously cemented paradigms with individuals who more faithful to such beliefs than the typical 21st-century relationship. ⁣

Any offering of a new ideology that challenges the previous consensus leads to internal turmoil with the ego corroding any glimpse of possibility with a condescending attitude and air of negligence. ⁣

This creates psychological discomfort and protects the previously adopted thought which has become embodied deep into our identity. ⁣

This is cognitive dissonance.⁣

Many of you may be experiencing this right now, safe-guarding against a sense of immorality, guilt or shame. ⁣

Many of you may have transitioned through this.⁣

I am not here to hold your hand and stroke your head.⁣

I am not here to make friends.⁣

I am here to raise awareness and ignite your curiosity into researching further whilst empowering you to voice your opinion.