Trans-Generational Trauma

Trauma can lead to long lasting adaptive mechanisms to protect the individual from repeated exposure, usually these evolutionary defensive behavioural patterns continue later in life despite not being coherent to current day stressors. ⁣

This can lead to distorted situational awareness, disconnecting ones responses and actions from perceived ‘normative’ behaviour.⁣

Highly sensitive triggers may be running in the subconscious mind unknowingly to the individual.⁣

Studies show the adaptive response from trauma can extend over 14 generations. This is a huge component contributing to dysfunctional community syndrome and further stigmatisation.⁣

The following are common factors in trans-generational trauma:⁣

  • Accidental’ epidemics⁣
  • Massacres⁣
  • Starvations⁣
  • War⁣
  • Slavery ⁣
  • The removal of people to reserves ⁣

Below are examples of traumatic events:⁣

  • African Slavery⁣
  • The Holodomor⁣
  • The Holocaust⁣
  • World War 1⁣
  • World War 2⁣
  • Dutch Hunger Winter⁣
  • Ritualistic Abuse⁣
  • Aboriginal Australian Lineage⁣
  • Childhood sexual abuse ⁣
  • Middle Eastern War⁣

Do you think trans-generational trauma has impacted you in anyway?