Polarity of Human Behaviour

The polarity of human behaviour is actually a matter of duality.

There can be no good with no evil.

What comes up must come down.

It’s the contrast which gives meaning and value to such beautiful emotions.

Many wellness coaches and motivational speakers preach solely about the virtue of positive emotions whilst giving a shadowing demeanor and contamination to undesirable traits.

In the ideal world, we would live in a state of purity but the bitter reality is that the vast majority of us we will inevitably encounter both ends of the spectrum throughout life.

The integral divide, is the serendipitous power of self awareness.

Self awareness occurs only in the resonance of presence – when one is liberated from the shackling chains of the past or future.

Awareness allows us to acknowledge, accept and release such emotions – an essential element proceeding change and enabling us to mediate the content of our conscious.

In the words of @drjoedispenza,

“when we change our personality, we change our personal reality.”